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PAC Trading is an Australian-based company providing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to Australians for over 20 years. We are the premier suppliers of wholesale takeaway food containers, clam shell packaging and take away food boxes. Our range of cardboard takeaway boxes and wholesale clamshell containers are made with high quality materials and we offer them at fantastic wholesale prices.

As one of the biggest takeaway containers suppliers in Australia, Sydney and Hobart, we provide a huge range of bulk takeaway containers. Our range includes disposable trays, sushi takeaway boxes, cardboard food boxes, paper boxes for food, 4 oz deli cups, takeaway trays, sushi trays and hot food serving containers. We also offer sushi packaging, brown takeaway boxes, big takeaway boxes, brown snack boxes, disposable lunch boxes and takeaway trays.

Our range of takeaway food boxes and take away food packaging supplies come in a range of different materials. Whether you are looking for cardboard takeaway containers, paper takeaway containers, clear plastic cups with lids, bamboo containers or sugarcane trays, we have exactly what you need!

At PAC Trading, we understand the importance of sustainable, recyclable takeaway food packaging. This is why we also specialise in eco-friendly materials, biodegradable boxes, PET containers and biodegradable containers.

We have environmentally friendly options such as eco clamshell packaging, biodegradable clamshell, biodegradable cups, biodegradable boxes. We also ensure our wholesale containers, food takeaway containers, deli containers, paper boxes, brown food boxes, and food containers for takeaway are all completely recyclable and made from sustainable materials through our GreenMark range.

And if you’re asking the question of ‘is cardboard biodegradable’, you will be pleased to know that it is! Which is why we put a large emphasis on cardboard food containers, cardboard food packaging, cardboard takeaway containers, cardboard boxes for food, cardboard food containers, cardboard lunch boxes, cardboard containers, and cardboard food display boxes.

Do you need wholesale takeaway food containers and takeaway food boxes in different shapes and sizes? We’ve got you covered at PAC Trading! Pick up your square clamshell container, corrugated boxes, small boxes, and large cardboard boxes.

We also offer deli cups and clear cups for different uses. From ice cups and icecream cups to gelato cups and sundae cups, you can find your a solution at PAC Trading. Our cups are also available in different sizes from 2oz, 5oz, and 16 oz/16oz cup options.

Whatever take away food box you need, we provide a high quality, affordable takeaway boxes wholesale solution. It doesn’t matter what you want to use them for, our takeaway containers wholesale options cover it all. Whether it’s for a packing sushi container, sushi boxes, take away bowls, disposable food trays, a cardboard box for food, a paper box for food, disposable lunch boxes, takeaway boxes, clamshell packaging, food kraft boxes, clamshell containers, disposable serving containers, hot food boxes – we have everything you need!

For more specific and bespoke takeaway food boxes or tailored clear cup solutions, we are glad to offer customisation on all our take away food packaging supplies! What sort of things can we customise? We can offer custom ice cream cups, any bespoke box take away or takeaway box, customised tray with lid, customised paper food containers, bespoke cardboard food box or boxes for food, and highly customised lunch box takeaway boxes, take away containers or food containers for takeaway.

Our customised takeaway food packaging service isn’t limited to shapes and sizes. We can also offer printing options if you wish to have your logo or business information on any of your clam shell packaging, deli container, icecream cup, disposable lunch box, hot food box, cardboard lunch box, take away food container, paper food container or disposable lunch box.

But how can we provide such a wide and extensive range of take away packaging and take away boxes at affordable wholesale prices? It’s because we’re committed to providing high quality service and delivering solutions to your takeaway packaging problems. It’s a big reason as to why we’re considered the number one premier choice for take away containers bulk packaging, takeaway packaging supplies and clamshell packaging Australia, Perth, Darwin, Canberra has to offer.

But apart from our huge range of clam shell packaging, wholesale takeaway food containers, takeaway food boxes, disposable trays and wholesale clamshell containers, why else should you pick PAC Trading? We offer sustainable solutions that are environmentally friendly without compromising quality or affordability. When you buy from us, you also get more value out of your money. Our bulk offerings let you enjoy great discounts when you order in large quantities. Lastly, our 24 hours express delivery service gets your products to you fast, whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

So if you’re searching for ‘box take away food’, ‘take away box’ or ‘take away containers suppliers near me’, look no further than PAC Trading – Australia’s largest range of wholesale food packaging and wholesale takeaway food containers.