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Compostable Ice Cream Cups: A Sustainable Scoop Solution

Do you want to find treats that are better for the environment? You only need to look at PAC Trading. One of the many eco-friendly products we offer is a range of compostable ice cream cups that can be broken down naturally. 

Because we are always committed to sustainability, you can enjoy your favourite treats without feeling bad about it. Check out our selection of recyclable ice cream containers, dessert cups, and reusable ice cream cups. Each one was carefully made with the health of our planet in mind. 

We at PAC Trading want to give you options that are in line with your morals and help make the future better and more sustainable.

Explore Our Range of Biodegradable Ice Cream Containers

At PAC Trading, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of eco-friendly options, including biodegradable ice cream containers. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that you can enjoy your treats guilt-free.

Materials that Matter – Bamboo Fiber + BioPBS Coated and PET

Our compostable cups are crafted from a blend of Bamboo Fiber + BioPBS Coated materials, ensuring a clear conscience with every use. 

This innovative combination not only prioritises environmental responsibility but also guarantees a quality product that meets your expectations.

We also offer options in PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), providing versatility and durability. Our PET cups come with matching flat and dome lids, offering a secure and stylish solution for your desserts.

Tailored to Your Needs – Customisation Available

At PAC Trading, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why our compostable ice cream cups are available in various sizes, providing you with the flexibility to choose what suits your requirements best.

Take your branding to the next level with our customisation options. Whether you’re looking to showcase your logo or incorporate specific designs, we can help. 

Please note that customisation comes with a minimum order quantity of 100,000 units, ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impression.

Ordering Made Easy

Shopping with us is not just about eco-conscious choices; it’s also about affordability and convenience. You can buy the best compostable ice cream cups right here, online. Take advantage of our competitive prices and explore exclusive deals and discounts.

Where to Buy and Save

Wondering where to buy cheap but high-quality compostable dessert cups? Look no further. PAC Trading brings you the best deals, offering affordable, discounted prices. Explore our online shop for the latest promotions, clearance offers, and limited-time specials.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

PAC Trading caters to customers worldwide, including Australia. We ensure swift and efficient delivery to most countries around the world. For our Australian customers, enjoy same-day delivery in Sydney metropolitan areas on orders of 5 cartons or more, placed and paid before 9 am.

Exclusive Discounts for Metro Areas

If you’re in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Brisbane, buying in bulk pays off! Purchase 5 or more cartons and benefit from a discount calculated at checkout. Take advantage of this offer and enjoy high-quality, sustainable packaging at an even more affordable price.

Sustainably Sweet: PAC Trading’s Eco-Friendly Ice Cream Cups

PAC Trading is your destination for guilt-free indulgence. Our range of compostable ice cream cups reflects a commitment to sustainability and innovation. 

Choose our compostable ice cream cups for a greener tomorrow. Shop now and sweeten your treats sustainably! Taste the eco-friendly difference.