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Biodegradable Coffee Cups and Lids | Sustainable Option | Pac Trading

Biodegradable Coffee Cups and Lids: Eco-Conscious Brewing

If you seek a reliable source for eco-conscious choices, look no further than PAC Trading – your premier online destination for environmentally friendly biodegradable coffee cups and lids. 

At PAC Trading, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality items at truly unbeatable prices. With our range of biodegradable options, you enjoy your favourite beverages guilt-free and contribute to a greener planet. 

Explore our collection and discover the perfect blend of affordability, quality, and eco-consciousness. 

Explore a World of Choices

Dive into our collection, where you’ll find biodegradable coffee cups and lids in various colours, including crystal-clear options for a sleek presentation and natural hues for an earthy touch. 


  • Clear: For a modern and transparent look.
  • Natural: Embrace an organic feel with our natural-toned options.


  • Bamboo Fiber + BioPBS Coated: A durable and sustainable combination.
  • PLA: Derived from plant-based sources, ensuring a low environmental impact.
  • Sugarcane: Harnessing the power of sugarcane for a renewable and biodegradable solution.

Make a statement with your choice not just in sustainability but also in aesthetics. PAC Trading offers a diverse range that caters to your preferences while prioritising the health of our planet.

Unbeatable Deals, Unmatched Quality

Think of PAC Trading when you consider compostable coffee cups. Our unbeatable prices ensure that you can savour your favourite drinks guilt-free. Explore our extensive range of products, available in various sizes and styles to suit every preference.

PAC Trading stands as your ultimate destination for eco-conscious choices without compromising on quality or style. Choose sustainability with us and savour every sip responsibly.

Exclusive Discounts for Bulk Orders

For those looking to stock up, we’ve got you covered. Buy 5 or more cartons, and enjoy free same-day delivery to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane metro areas. 

The discount is automatically applied at checkout, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice.

Order Today, Sip Sustainably Tomorrow

PAC Trading ensures a seamless online shopping experience. Your orders are promptly dispatched within 2 business days post-payment confirmation. 

Opting for EFT payments? Streamline the process by sending the remittance advice to [email protected], along with your order reference number, preventing any potential delays. 

Count on us for efficient service and timely deliveries, making your shopping experience with PAC Trading worry-free.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

Recognising how quickly you need things, PAC Trading guarantees same-day delivery for orders paid for and made by 9 am. You can enjoy the ease of getting your biodegradable coffee cups and lids for free, especially in Sydney’s urban places. 

We want to improve your experience by giving you quick and dependable service for your eco-friendly choices.

Brewing Change: PAC Trading’s Biodegradable Cups and Lids Revolution

In a world where sustainability is paramount, PAC Trading emerges as the beacon for eco-conscious brewing. Our commitment to providing top-quality, affordable, and biodegradable coffee cups and lids is a testament to our dedication to a greener planet.

Choose sustainability, choose style. Order your biodegradable coffee cups and lids from PAC Trading today and savour every sip responsibly. Join us in making a difference – one cup at a time.