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Discover the Perfect Coffee Pouch Solutions at Pac Trading


Are you a coffee enthusiast in Australia searching for high-quality coffee pouches? Look no further than Pac Trading, your premier destination for premium coffee packaging solutions.

Unbeatable Selection of Coffee Pouches


We at Pac Trading take great satisfaction in providing a wide selection of coffee pouches to meet all of your demands for coffee packaging. You can choose from a range of sizes and styles in our inventory to make sure your coffee grounds fit just right.

Key Features


PAC Trading’s coffee ground pouch stands out with distinctive features catering to the needs of coffee and tea packaging enthusiasts.

Material Composition


The brown kraft paper exterior of the pouch gives it a rustic charm that gives the packing a little something extra. The interior coating, which is made of a blend of LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene), ALU (Aluminium), and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), provides a strong moisture barrier that keeps the contents fresh.



Designed for use in coffee and tea packaging, this pouch accommodates the various needs of drinkers. This pouch offers a flexible option, enhancing the subtle tastes of tea leaves or the powerful aroma of coffee beans.




With its 1000g content capacity, the pouch is precisely created to hold a significant volume of coffee or tea, which makes it a great option for a variety of packaging applications.



For coffee roasters, tea providers, and companies in the beverage sector, the Pac Trading Coffee Pouch is a dependable and aesthetically pleasing packaging solution. The merchandise within is protected by its sturdy structure. Simultaneously, the brown kraft exterior gives the presentation a hint of refinement.

Affordable Coffee Packaging Solutions


Pac Trading is aware of how important it is to have affordable solutions without sacrificing quality. Because of our dedication to providing reasonably priced coffee pouches in Australia, we are the best option for budget-conscious customers looking for outstanding value.


Pac Trading’s usage of brown kraft for the coffee pouch is evidence of their dedication to eco-friendly packaging. This environmentally friendly choice is in keeping with the growing need for packaging solutions that take sustainability into account.

Special Offers and Discounts


Check out our online store to find exclusive offers and savings on our high-quality coffee pouches. To ensure you obtain the greatest pricing on the market, please take advantage of our limited-time deals, which include special savings, clearance items, and markdowns.

Fast 24-Hour Express Delivery


Savour the ease of our 24-hour fast delivery service, which is offered throughout Australia. Efficiency is our first goal, so as soon as your purchased coffee ground pouches arrive, you may start enjoying your favourite cup of coffee.


Why Choose Pac Trading for Your Coffee Needs?


  • Top-Notch Products: You can always count on your coffee to be delicious and fresh because of our commitment to providing high-quality coffee pouches.
  • Affordable Rates: Benefit from our low prices, which make Pac Trading the preferred choice for premium yet economically priced coffee packaging.
  • Express Delivery: Experience the ease of rapid delivery available around the clock, which ensures prompt and dependable shipment throughout Australia.

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Take advantage of the chance to improve your coffee experience with the best coffee pouches available in Australia from Pac Trading. Experience the ideal fusion of cost-effectiveness, convenience, and quality by placing your order today.