Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events

Are you planning an exciting event and looking at eco-friendly food packaging to fit your (set up) and budget? We have the widest range on the market, from eco-friendly bamboo plates to skewers and wooden serving ware pieces perfect for adding a finishing touch to any meal. We know it’s the little things that count for creating an atmosphere, and with our Greenmark products you can easily style your next event in an eco-chic way!

Sydney Tastes Good – Thanks to GreenMark Packaging

On Friday 14th March, we attended Taste of Sydney, and found our sustainable containers harbouring some of the best food this city has to offer 


From the 13th – 16th of March, Centennial Park was transformed into foodie heaven. Those going for their usual afternoon or evening jog found themselves instead amidst the finest in Sydney’s self-indulgence scene.


On a sweltering 27-degree Friday, we collected our Crown Cards (Taste of Sydney’s exclusive currency) and made our way into the oval-shaped ring of stalls that promised “the ultimate celebration of the city’s eclectic dining scene”. It did not disappoint.


There was a great local market atmosphere as we strolled amongst bales of hay and shady beanbags, tasting samples of salted meats, gourmet cheeses and everything in between. Live acoustic music, from the Rekorderlig bar, provided a great soundtrack to the fun. Stalls were getting creative, with Rojo Rocket hanging pots, pans and pineapples behind their counter.



First up on our tasting list was Porteño, the infamous Surry Hills-based Argentinian restaurant specialising in slow-cooked meats. We ordered a ‘house made chorizo with romesco sauce’ and were invited behind the bar to see how the chefs plated up their tasty, meaty treats.


Whilst we were hanging out with the guys at Porteño, a staff member from James Squire made her way to the counter, and offered the chefs free beers in their break. This was typical of the friendly, farmer’s market atmosphere of the day. The staff of King Street Wharf were no different, coaxing passersby into sampling their sumptuous seared tuna, served on fittingly seaworthy GreenMark pine boats. The boats, and tuna, were big hits with the crowd, who loved the wooden oar skewers.


Such good food shouldn’t be whacked onto any old plate. The folks at Porteño were using GreenMark’s sugarcane range to give justice to their charcoal grilled Wagyu steak, lamb ribs, chorizo and wood-fired Asador lamb. The range is both biodegradable and compostable, with bins strategically placed around the event in order to gather and recycle the products sustainably. Our chorizo was lovingly arranged in a sugarcane bowl, nestled between a bed of romesco sauce and jalapeños. It tasted as good as it looks – delicious.


Porteño’s authentic Argentinian chorizo with romesco sauce