8oz PLA Hot/Cold Paper Bowl Greenmark
Code: BPB8

8oz PLA Hot/Cold Paper Bowl

90x75x62 mm
$100.00 CARTON

1000pc / $0.10per item

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Eco-friendly paper bowls / Cup-To-Grow. Leaf print. This new range offers a sustainable alternative to traditional food containers yet maintaining the level of convenience offered by disposable packaging. To provide moisture barrier Cups-To-Grow are lined with a bioplastic lining PLA (poly-lactic-acid) harvested from corn starch, natural annually renewable resource. The production of PLA produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional plastic production.
Food safe, suitable for hot and cold food.
Paper Cups-To-Grow are lined with Ingeo PLA, available with matching lids*.
*Lids are sold separetely.
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