Get inspired with these naturally beautiful single-use wheat straws!

With South Australia considering a ban on single-use plastics, including straws and cutlery, and Coca-Cola Amatil announcing that it will be phasing out plastic drinking straws and stirrers in Australia over the next two months – now seems like the perfect time to explore various eco-friendly straw alternatives.

This month year we are very excited to welcome the latest addition to our eco-friendly straw range: single-use Wheat Straws!

These straws are:

  • Made from natural material (wheat stem)
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable
  • Plastic free - won't harm natural environment
  • Gluten free - the stalks of wheat plants do not store gluten or any allergens (those are stored in the grains)
  • Slim but durable - don't get soggy in drinks

Unlike paper and bamboo options, wheat straws are very similar in look and feel to plastic straws, offering an eco-friendly alternative, while making it easy for you to stand out and add a unique touch to your catering!

Phasing Out Plastic

Did you know that last year, straws made up nearly 11 per cent of all plastic rubbish reported to Clean Up Australia?

In an effort to combat unnecessary plastic use, Coca-Cola Amatil has announced it will be phasing out plastic drinking straws and stirrers in Australia over the next two months. This this decision replace single-use plastic straws with fully recyclable and biodegradable paper straws, will impact around 115,000 outlets nationwide, including grocery, petrol and convenience stores, bars, cafes and quick service restaurants.

We are very excited to see the positive trend in phasing out single-use plastic straws and switching to more sustainable alternatives, and our own range of eco-friendly PLA, paper, bamboo and wheat straw alternatives offer you an opportunity to find the straw that best fits your brand!

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