Looking for a new look to serve your cold beverages? Our new U-shape clear PET cups are perfect for giving your drinks a refreshing makeover for the new season!

Made from PET, the cups are stylish and transparent, allowing you to showcase your drinks without extra worries – as PET products are durable and provide good heat stability, whilst remaining lightweight and low-cost.

Although the feedstocks for PET are petroleum-based, it is a highly energy-efficient packaging material. This means that compared to other transparent disposables such as glass and other plastics, PET has a far more favourable environmental impact during production. What's even better – when it comes to disposal, PET can simply be put into a plastic waste stream to be recycled!

Here at Pac Trading, we have a strong commitment to sustainable packaging. With the recent "styrofoam ban" in New York, now is the perfect time to switch to products that are low-cost, both financially and environmentally – which makes PET a great alternative!

Looking to get even more creative?

Check out our special 5 oz PET insert made to match the new 95mm U-shape cups! It's perfect for making your cup into a snack pack, meaning you can use it to serve your muesli and fruit-salads just as easily as smoothies and bubble teas.


Read more about our cup-insert options here: https://www.pactrading.com.au/blog/snacking-on-the-go/

Note: All PET products can be used for cold food only.