Looking for ways to stand out in the overcrowded sushi market and brand your products in the premium segment?

Say goodbye to flimsy plastic sushi containers and rubber bands with Greenmark's new unbleached sugarcane sushi trays. The latest in eco-chic design, these trays employ crisp lines and earthy colours in order to provide a stylish, understated canvas on which to display your sushi creations – guaranteed to make your sushi pop. They’re also far more solid than other offerings, with a sturdy base and clip on lid.

  • Trays are made from sugarcane BAGASSE/PULP, which is natural and unbleached, and 100% compostable.
  • Lid is made from transparent recyclable PET, making your sushi shine!

This month, we are very excited to introduce a new size added to our super popular range of sushi trays!

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