With one of Australia’s hottest summers around the corner, show off your summer vibe early through our clear PET Cup range.

Our PET portion cups and deli containers are perfect candidates for your fresh summer fruits, yogurts, acai bowls and fruit bowls. Our transparent containers will give you the leading edge in packaging, due to the ability of being able to see all those fresh vibrant summer colors pop before your very own eyes without even having to open the lid.

Whilst the feedstocks for PET are petroleum-based, it is a highly energy-efficient packaging material. This is thanks largely to PET’s exceptional capacity-to-weight ratio, which means that more product can be put in less packaging and suppliers can save on fuel costs during transport.

Compared to other transparent disposables such as glass and other plastics, PET has a far more favourable environmental impact during production. In terms of disposal, PET can simply be put into a plastic waste stream to be recycled.

These clear cups and containers are low-cost, both financially and environmentally, and high quality. To be used for cold food only.

Our team here at PAC Trading urge all individuals to keep Australia clean by simply recycling and disposing these types of products correctly.