Greenmark are happy to announce the introduction of ‘Square’ Plates to be added to our extensive Sugarcane Range. They are fantastic for sushi, small finger/pastry food as well as desserts such as cupcakes shown in the photo.

The NEW Sugarcane plates are a square shape with a non-toxic natural base derived from bagasse. This allows the plate to be both food safe and breathable – helping food stay fresh for longer. Clear PET lids are fitted and utilised for the sugarcane plate to allow consumers to showcase the bright vibrant colours of their products. With the sugarcane plate being a natural white colour, it also assists in these products textures and colours catch the eye of consumers. 

Greenmark’s core focus is to provide sustainable alternatives for everyday packaging products. Both the sugarcane and PET line are a step in the right direction as Sugarcane is both biodegradable and compostable whilst the clear PET lid is recyclable; making the combination of these products highly sustainable and eco-friendly.

These plates are available in three (3) different sizes, and offer you the competitive edge as they are designed to perfectly sit on top of each other to make catering and packaging more efficient and effective.

Secure yours TODAY and join us in taking the right step in the right direction to #makepackagingGREATagain

New Sugarcane Range:

  • 6" Square Plate - FP06B
  • 8" Square Plate - FP08B
  • 10" Square Plate - FP10B
  • PET Lid / 6" Square Plate - FP06L
  • PET Lid / 8" Square Plate - FP08L
  • PET Lid / 10" Square Plate - FP10L