Have you ever heard of the berry breakfast taking the world by storm; the ‘acai bowl’? Greenmark invites you to indulge into this experience through using our clean, reliable, safe and stylish bowls complimented with a transparent lid to allow you to enjoy this tasteful experience wherever you go.


 “Amazing source of antioxidants, fibre, heart healthy-fats and minerals. The more you add, the brighter and more pleasing to the eye it gets, making it even more appealing to eat”

Acai (pronounced Ah-Sigh-EE) is a berry native to the Amazon in Brazil that is regarded at the #1 Superfood in the world. Acai can be broken down into a ‘fruit cream’ texture or powder form and has made a prodigious impact on the Australian food market. This is mainly due to the enormous reaction received on social media about both the coveting look and taste of the dish; accentuating to why acai bowls are deemed as ‘one of the biggest food trends in 2017’. Acai bowls encompass raw, rich and vibrant colours so bright and strong it bursts into your face. From the rich purple colour of the acai puree to the fresh, organic and natural toppings - such as strawberries, kiwifruit, granola and coconut shavings; it is no wonder this dish has become essential to every café breakfast menu.

To every lid, there needs to be a bowl for it to conceal. Greenmark’s 16oz PLA Paper Bowls are the perfect candidates to have your Acai bowl served in as the design not only provides a clean cut look, but also holds compelling practical use due to the depth and size of the bowls. All of Greenmark’s bowls and containers have a direct relationship with our transparent PET lids; especially in the case of the acai bowl. Greenmark’s bowl provides sufficient space to hold enough acai puree, and the transparent lid provides sufficient space for all toppings and not only enables all consumers to showcase what the bowl looks like but also reassures them that they will not miss any of those fruity toppings – making our transparent lids just as important than the packaging itself. The lids themselves empowers Café’s to differentiate themselves from others as it allows consumers to take home their acai bowls; eliminating the worry of long lines, dreary presentation or having to cut down on any food content going into the bowl to get the lid to fit on.


The food industry is dynamic and unpredictable, however Greenmark’s products constitutes ‘a-sigh’ of relief for all consumers as our transparent PET Lids fit all PLA Paper Bowls. Greenmark’s designs are clean, simple and engaging ensuring that it will be suitable for any food trend within the industry at any given time.


Secure your universal transparent lid DL115 that fits both Brown and White PLA Cold/Hot Paper Bowls in the following sizes: 12/16/24oz bowls.

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