Our Corrugated Catering Trays are one of the most popular products we carry in our extensive range. Being renowned for the countless number of uses it has for holding any food types, ranging from gourmet catering and finger foods, salads, pastas, sandwiches – the list goes on.

Our catering trays are also renowned for their effectiveness and efficiency. We also offer matching transparent PET lids and sleeves that come flat packed along with the catering trays for better storage with simple steps to assemble each of the separate products. Although after gathering some feedback from our customers, we had a fair few of them give us insights on the assembly process of our transparent lids, and how they can take some time to assemble if not correctly shown the process. Therefore, we are happy to now offer an alternative lid with a much more simpler process that delivers the same result – our NEW Kraft Catering Lids.

The Kraft Catering Lids are made from all-natural paper cardboard material. There is also a centred transparent PET sleeve to allow you to show off all those vibrant colours and textures of the food within the tray. Even though these are not fully transparent, they carry the same function as our fully transparent PET Catering Lids by allowing you to showcase any product; the only difference is there is no assembly required.

With now two different alternative lids to our catering trays, you cannot go wrong with either. It must also be mentioned these Kraft Catering Lids also come in a squared shape, as we now also carry a Square Corrugated Catering Tray.

These products are NEW therefore they are limited Australia wide.


  • SCTS - Small Square Catering Tray
  • SCTM - Medium Square Catering Tray
  • SCTL - Large Square Catering Tray
  • SCTLSSmall Square Kraft Catering Tray Lid
  • SCTLM - Medium Square Kraft Catering Tray Lid
  • SCTLL - Large Square Kraft Catering Tray Lid
  • KCTLS - Small Kraft Catering Tray Lid
  • KCTLM - Medium Kraft Catering Tray Lid
  • KCTLL - Large Kraft Catering Tray Lid