For once it seems we've found something that everyone can get behind - the ban on single use plastic bags. But the ban hasn’t fixed our plastic bag problem as you’d expect.


Now, instead of supplying shoppers with flimsy grey plastic bags, Woolworths and Coles give out to customers thicker, tougher, but still very much plastic bags when they do their shopping.


While it’s true that these bags are designed thicker to last longer for reuse, it’s hard to gauge the their impact compared to the old style bags. Woolies and Coles haven't been to keen on sharing their sales numbers for their new ‘reusable plastic bags’, making it impossible to see the impact of the switch from single use to reusable bags.


However, in Queensland, retailers like SPAR have gone a step further and removed all plastic bags from their waste stream. Providing shoppers with paper bags, SPAR are supporting a compostable, renewable alternative that will have a real impact on the amount of plastics that makes it's way to landfill and the surrounding environments. And paper bags are much stronger than you might think!


Ever since the introduction of plastic bags we’ve come to think of paper bags as weak; definitely not something we’d want to go shopping with. But before the invention of the single use plastic bag by swedish engineer Sten Thulin in the early 60’s, nearly all shoppers were given paper bags to hold their goods!



SOS Bags did an amazing job before plastic came along, all while being completely compostable. Strong and durable, a gusseted (reinforced) base makes sure that your customers will get their goods home safe.


All our SOS bags are manufactured from sustainably sourced materials,producing a product that is a clear winner for anyone looking to meaningfully move away from plastic.


Having customers bring their own reusable bags is always the best outcome, but for when they forgot, be able to supply them with an environmentally responsible alternative.


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