Looking for an easy snack packaging idea? With our new cup inserts you can easily turn a clear cup into a portable, fast, convenient and easy to use carry-all food package! Great for breakfast-on-the-go (yogurt and granola anyone?) and kids healthy snacks, including the classic veggies and hummus combo!

Also, expanding our existing range, even more clear cup sizes are available, with matching dome and flat lids to cater for your product needs.

Please note: PET products are suitable for cold food only. Made from clear PET plastic - recyclable with other plastics.

PET Recyclable Plastics

Whilst the feedstocks for PET are petroleum-based, it is a highly energy-efficient packaging material. This is thanks largely to PET's exceptional capacity-to-weight ratio, which means that more product can be put in less packaging and suppliers can save on fuel costs during transport.

Compared to other transparent disposables such as glass and other plastics, PET has a far more favorable environmental impact during production. In terms of disposal, PET can simply be put into a plastic waste stream to be recycled.

These clear cups, lids and containers are low-cost, both financially and environmentally, and high quality. To be used for cold food only.

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