In addition to Greenmark’s popular catering tray range, Greenmark is happy to announce our brand new stylish shallow catering trays. Available in various sizes, catering has never been so easy.

Our brown shallow trays are the answer to making catering simple, easy and stress-free. We offer you a different cutting edge design that solves the problem of all catering problems – assuring the food will not fall out! The depth of the trays’ range ensures all of the food within the tray will indeed stay within in the tray no matter what the case may be. This enables the process of having food served fastened, benefiting both the business and their own customers. Also, the various sizes of the trays enables all kinds of foods can be served. The trays can be used to serve both hot and cold foods, making our packaging flexible and dynamic for all catering needs.

Sushi and pastry dishes are a renowned favourite to serve up in our catering trays, although the functionality and use of these trays are designed to carry much more. With sizes varying from small to large, our brown shallow trays have to capability to hold any food that comes to thought. Things such as: salads, sandwiches, burger pockets, meatballs (can hold sauces in smaller trays within large tray), antipasti, fruits, pizza and much much more. Whatever your taste buds may desire, throw it the tray and share around the taste for everyone to experience.

Greenmark’s simple packaging, makes catering easy.

Pick the perfect size for any catering need. Sizes range from:

  • Small Brown Shallow Catering Tray (BCTS50) - 255x155x50 mm
  • Medium Brown Shallow Catering Tray (BCTM50) - 360x255x50 mm
  • Large Brown Shallow Catering Tray (BCTL50) - 560x255x50 mm


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