“Straws are found among the TOP 10 shortlist of plastic debris found on coastal cleanups in Australia” – worldwatch.org

“Plastic has remained the most common category of rubbish picked up on Clean Up Australia Day over the last 20 years” – cleanup.org.au

“We have produced more plastic in the last 10 years than we did in the whole last century” – timsilverwood.com

“Over 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million seabirds die every year from ingestion or entanglement in plastic litter” – theoceancleanup.com

The above facts make it clearly evident that plastic itself is detrimental to the environment, the ocean and the marine life. What’s even more horrifying is the fact that the smallest bits of plastic such as a plastic straw can have an equal if not worse impact than a plastic bottle/bag. With an average life span of only 20 minutes, single-use straws can be deemed as unnecessary necessity for bars and restaurants as their short use carries a long-term consequence that is a major problem all around the world.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to change the perceptions and drinking habits of those who enjoy using a straw with their beverage; Although, creating awareness and making it known to people how detrimental plastic straws can be on environment is something that can be managed. There are so many eco-friendly alternatives straws that are readily available but are not known to many. These are products such as: PLA Straws and Paper straws.

PAC Trading recognizes the effect plastic has, and are pushing for a more eco, sustainable and greener future. Therefore, we carry an alternative eco-friendly straw – a PLA straw. It is derived and manufactured from natural corn starch, therefore having no petroleum usage in the manufacturing process – reducing our carbon footprint. It carries both the same characteristics and purpose as common PE (plastic) straw, but is environmentally wary and can be composted – at an industrial composting facility.

We are becoming more innovative everyday in order to enhance our products to become as eco-friendly as possible. We urge and recommend all individuals to be as eco-friendly as possible – because ven the smallest change such as using PLA rather than PE (plastic) straws can be a big difference.

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