We here at Greenmark are big believers on ‘when one door closes another door opens’. We have decided to close the door and discontinue our 500-750mL Bamboo trays, but fortunately that door has opened up to our BRAND NEW Sugarcane Container Line.

In comparison to our old Bamboo Trays, the new Sugarcane Trays not only has a brighter, cleaner and fresher colour and look, but it now comes with transparent lids to allow you to show off all your meals whether they are ready to eat, or being stored away for future consumption. The Sugarcane containers are all natural and non-toxic; hence making the packaging both food safe and breathable – helping the food stay fresh for longer. All sugarcane based packaging is both biodegradable and compostable resulting in the packaging not only being safe your food needs, but also the environment.

Greenmarks focus is to deliver high quality eco-friendly packaging for all food needs. With the new sugarcane line, not only do we help business’ deliver an edge on others through compostable packaging, but also provide a clean-cut look for containers to look fresh and appealing eliminating the idea its juts another ‘takeaway meal’, but also by having matching universal PET lids that fits two sizes can reduce your inventory AS WELL as your storage space - providing the opportunity to save some money and can extremely benefit businesses esspecially takeaway businesses.

If a white container isn’t preferable, we still carry our bamboo rectangular tray which carries the same functionality as the new sugarcane line other than being a different colour, material and shaped.

Get in first and secure your very own sugarcane takeaway containers and together lets #makepackagingGREATagain. Available online:

New Sugarcane Range:

  • Sugar Tray 12oz – TR12B
  • Sugar Tray 16oz – TR16B
  • Sugar Tray 24oz – TR24B
  • Sugar Tray 32oz – TR32B
  • PET Lid – Sugarcane Tray 12/16oz – TR12/16L
  • PET Lid – Sugarcane Tray 24/32oz – TR24/32L


Brown Bamboo Alternative (if you would like packaging that’s not white)

  • 37oz Bamboo Rectangular Tray/1100ml – BTW37
  • 37oz Bamboo Rectangular Lid – BTW37L

Discontinued Product

  • Bamboo Tray 500ml – BTP500
  • Bamboo Tray 750ml – BTP650
  • Bamboo Lid 500ml/750ml – BTP500/650-L