Have you ever heard of an eco-friendly paper bowl, that won’t leak, dampen or cave in with hot/cold foods – even liquidated food? We are happy to introduce our new All-Natural Paper PLA coated Salad Bowl that caters to all hot and cold food – even soups!

 Greenmark's PLA Coated Salad Bowls being used to serve up a locally sourced Thai Green Salad by Coogee Beach with Greenmark Cutlery and Napkins

his new PLA salad bowls range stands out with their rich brown natural colour. The PLA coating within the bowl is a bioplastic that enables the bowl to be completely biodegradable and compostable – at an industrial composting facility only. They are strong, sturdy, durable, and efficient as they provide a uniqueness like no other bowl; they can cater to all cold foods AND hot foods – even soups.

These Bowls are the perfect candidates for all your favourites, including exotic salads, pasta, rice, stir-fry’s and yes surprisingly even hot soups. This range also provides flexibility in not only the variety of shapes and sizes of the bowls themselves, but also the lids that correlate with the bowls. With transparent raised AND flat lids on offer, it provides you with the option of a flat finish or to fit more in less with the raised lid. These lids are made from PP and PET materials, enabling them to also be recyclable – making all aspects of the bowl eco-friendly.

These bowls and lids can cater to absolutely any food type, and with the variety of shapes and sizes you are sure to find the perfect match for your food.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • KSB16 - Brown Paper PLA Coated Salad Bowl 16oz
  • KSB25 - Brown Paper PLA Coated Salad Bowl 25oz
  • KSB32 - brown Paper PLA Coated Salad Bowl 32oz
  • KSB42 - Brown Paper PLA Coated Salad Bowl 42oz
  • FL150PP - Flat PP Lid 150mm (fits KSB16/25/32)
  • RL150PET - Raised PET Lid 150mm (fits KSB16/25/32)
  • RL185PET - Raised PET Lid  185mm (fits KSB42)