Do you ever feel hungry but don’t feel like eating? Have you ever needed a quick energy boost? Have you ever come across a time where you don’t have enough time to eat, but need to fill up your stomach? There can’t be anything else in the world that crosses your mind but ‘milkshake, smoothie or thickshake’ if you have ever encountered any of these problems. It is with great pleasure we introduce the newest product to our range; with our very own eco-chic twist – The Bamboo Paper Cold Cup.



The Milkshake Cup is made from Bamboo Paper. To ensure no leaking, a PE lining is applied on the inside. Using Bamboo to source the paper rather than the common Wood Paper is not only sustainable, but it also saves tree’s, reduces soil erosion, reduces our carbon footprint and reduces the bleaching and inking involved in the process as the bamboo fibres are virgin fibres.

The beautiful natural brown colour of the bamboo is kept and reflected on the cup enhancing and complimenting all colours and textures of any milkshake/thick shake. The cups are competitively prices, and come in various sizes ensuring that you will find the best match for your interest.

We also offer matching flat and dome lids across all sizes in the range to help store and ensure no leaking when you're on-the-go. So, whether you wake up and shake up or just enjoy a shake every now and then, get in early before these cups shake up the summer.

  • BCC16 – 16oz Cold Cup/Bamboo Paper
  • BCC20 - 20oz Cold Cup/Bamboo Paper
  • BCC22 - 22oz Cold Cup/Bamboo Paper
  • BCC24 - 24oz Cold Cup/Bamboo Paper
  • BCC90L – PET Flat Lid (Cold) – 16/20/22oz
  • BCC95L - PET Flat Lid (Cold) – 24oz
  • BCC90D - PET Dome Lid (Cold) – 16/20/22oz
  • BCC95D - PET Dome Lid (Cold) - 24oz