20% Online Sale Promotion

21rd February 2018

As noted previously, with the demand of our highly commended ‘corrugated' range dramatically increasing; it causes the price of these products to slowly increase also. We have already introduced trays, snack boxes and chip cartons in this range, but we now have added ‘clamshells’ to our takeaway cardboard range and would like to celebrate this by offering 20% off online sales for 2 weeks.



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Our Catering trays are renowned for being multi-use for any food types. They can hold hot foods, cold foods, desserts – the list goes on. Although we are now happy to really show how multi-use our catering trays are by introducing ‘Cupcake Inserts’ that fit into all sizes of our Catering Tray range for both large and small cupcakes to ensure those beautifully molded and designed cupcakes do not get damaged.

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