28rd July 2017

The biodegradable coffee cup lids are all natural with no lining made from 100% sugarcane bagasse. Sturdy, Durable and Leak proof, it can be said that this is a massive breakthrough in takeaway coffee packaging. Available in both white and natural brown colour and being BIODEGRADABLE and COMPOSTABLE (even at your home compost) makes this breakthrough a blessing not only to the environment, but for all coffee lovers. Not only can it be said to be the perfect fit for all takeaway coffee, but also the perfect alternative to start reducing plastic usage in Australia.

                                       One of the biggest breakthrough’s in Coffee Takeaway Packaging.

Australia is currently ranked 42nd in the world for coffee consumption. Although this ranking may seem quite low, coffee cups and lids are estimated to be the 2nd largest contributor to litter waste (after plastic bottles) in Australia. On average, an Australian will consume up to 3kg of coffee a year alone; it’s no wonder why Australians dispose of 1 BILLION plastic lids and disposable coffee cups in just 1 YEAR! These scary statistics are the driven inspiration behind this innovation, as a standard plastic bottle can take up to 500 years to decompose. This means every year; 1 billion plastic lids are disposed of and are being held in landfill unable to break down or decomposed of whilst every year that goes by, the number rises and rises dramatically. 

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Ever found it a struggle to eat a hot dog without having to use both hands? Say no more as Greenmark is happy to announce our new ‘HOT DOG TRAYS’ as the solution to this problem. The trays are effective and efficient eco-friendly packaging made to hold all hot dogs and all of the flavoursome ‘over the top’ toppings that now come along with it.

 Hotdogs have forever been the ‘go too’ halftime snack; whether it be at the sporting ground or at home, this processed meat covered in sauce never seems to disappoint. Now with exotic toppings being used such as guacamole, tomatoes, capsicum and loads of cheese, not only are hotdogs a massive trend right now but it is now more difficult than ever to hold the hotdog whilst keeping all of the ingredients in; this is where Greenmarks new hotdog tray comes in. Big enough to hold your hot dog, and all those toppings you can be guaranteed that no mess will be made, you’ll be able to enjoy all aspects of the hotdog AND you can enjoy your hotdog without having your ‘hands full’.

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