Greenmark’s transparent PET lids are durable plastic, recyclable, food safe lids that are made to fit all different shaped and sized packages within our range. PET has an exceptional ‘capacity-to-weight-ratio’ enabling more product being put in less packaging – presenting the chance to save money. During production, PET has a far more favourable environmental impact during production in comparison to other plastics and glass; overall making it not only beneficial for the environment, but also your business.


All PET lids are interdependent on bowls or containers – as there would be no use for a lid without a container to conceal. Fondly enough, according to Forbes, ‘eating out of a bowl is in the TOP 5 FOOD TRENDS IN 2017’. Thus meaning, our new PET lids range has arrived just in time for you to turn your favourite sit down meals into a ‘takeaway’ meal. 



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