A councillor in Adelaide has proposed clear recycling bins in a bid to engage the community over recycling and educate about what's ‘in’ and what's ‘out’.

The proposed 'Face Your Waste' campaign would let residents have a full view of the contents of their recycling bin in an attempt to stop ‘out of sight, out of mind’ behaviour, encouraging people to stop and think before throwing waste in the recycle.

"We need to do what we can to encourage positive behavioural change," Mr Simms told the ABC. "Having a see-through binleads people to do that, and it also builds community understanding about recycling too, because you can see what's in and what's out.”


But he was quick to point out that the program was not about shaming or punishing people - rather to promote the engaging of best practice when it comes to recycling.


This proposition comes while debate rages over the continued use of plastic plates and cutlery used at some adelaide food courts. Shoppers were shocked to see their laksa delivered in thin ‘single use’ bowls, replacing the sturdy reusable plastic bowls that had been traditionally used.


Due to a change in policy, restaurant owners were told that they were unable to wash bowls and plates on the premises, forcing them to adopt single use items instead. “[The owner] was pretty upset about it,'' remarked a nearby Adelaide Hills resident.


This is a stark reminder of how organisational red tape can lead to poor environmental outcomes. The Environmental Minister David Speirs said that the move was “out of step with the Government’s direction”, and they were looking into the situation closely.


If you’re not going to allow reuse, there should be a ready and waiting green alternative. If organisations won’t allow for the cleaning and reuse of bowls and plates, organic recycling solutions should be put in place so businesses have the opportunity to do the right thing.


Many materials such as sugarcane bagasse, areca palm leaf or bamboo make perfect substitutes for plastics, and can be combined with food waste in organics bins after customers are finished. For more information, click here for our whole range of compostable products!