If your food is remarkable, make sure your packaging is too!

You’d be forgiven for thinking custom printing wasn’t a necessity. Plain packaging seems to be good enough for the local fish and chip shop down the road, right? A generic box with ‘fish and chips’ patterned on the side gets the point across fine - why pay extra to have a logo printed on a box that’s just going to end up in the compost bin at the end of the day?

But custom printing can be so much more than just another line on your receipt; if used properly, it can be a vital tool in your battle for brand awareness and growth.


Here’s why!


Whatever design you’re thinking of, it’s possible. From the basic to the artistic, our custom printing services can help you achieve your brands unique vision on our huge range of our printable products.


A Major Touchpoint
It’s the cup customers grip tightly during their morning commute. It’s the bag customers see when they get their food to go, and it’s also the box their burgers are carefully stored in.


Your packaging represents a major part of your customer’s experience; not only do you want high quality packaging, you’re going to want your brand front and centre every step of the way to develop brand recognition.


Unified Appearance

Businesses spend so much time and effort designing their brand and bringing their store to life they often forget to tie in the one thing customers are likely to leave with - your packaging.


Let your packaging be a part of your consistent brand image, and let customers take it with them wherever they go.



Stand Out

Unique cups and takeaway containers can turn your customer into walking advertisements for your cafe. They act as visual cues for passersby familiar with your brand, reminding them to also stop in for a quick coffee on their way to work!


Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps most importantly, know that the ink used for our custom print service is guaranteed environmentally friendly. All our recyclables remain recyclable, and our compostables remain compostable!


Just ensure your customers have a place to properly dispose of them!


With so many reasons to get started, what are you waiting for? Bring your brand to life in style! Click here for some custom printing inspiration from some of our favourite customers!