Our Catering trays are renowned for being multi-use for any food types. They can hold hot foods, cold foods, desserts – the list goes on. Although we are now happy to really show how multi-use our catering trays are by introducing ‘Cupcake Inserts’ that fit into all sizes of our Catering Tray range for both large and small cupcakes to ensure those beautifully molded and designed cupcakes do not get damaged.

The Cupcake inserts are both extremely effective and efficient. They come in 4 sizes, with a 6-Hole and 12-Hole Inserts being made available to fit in all sizes of our catering tray range.

The effectiveness of this design allows more of the inserts to fit in the catering trays the larger the size of the catering tray (up to 3 maximum inserts in our large catering tray). You can use both insert sizes to fit various sized cupcakes in your catering tray.

The inserts are also designed to be extremely efficient; the inserts are multi-colored - brown Kraft color on one side, and a clean white on the other. By doing this, it allows the insert to cater to both the brown and white catering trays.

The insert is made from all-natural cardboard, resulting it being both biodegradable and compostable.

For more information, click on the product codes below:

  • CIS6 – Small Catering Tray Cupcake Insert – 6 Holes
  • CIS12 – Small Tray Cupcake Insert – 12 Holes
  • CIML6 - Medium/Large Tray Cupcake Insert – 6 Holes
  • CIML12 - Medium/Large Tray Cupcake Insert – 12 Holes