At PAC Trading, we really do strive for not only excellence, but to ensure our prices are as low as possible and to pass on any savings wherever we can for our loyal customers. Here is tangible proof of this statement, through our New Black Budget Coffee Cups and Lids to match.


The entire range of the Black SW Budget Cup – ranging from 8/12/16oz

The Budget Coffee Cups comes in 3 different sizes: 8/12/16oz. They are Single Wall Paper Cups with a PE lining in them to ensure no leaking. They are strong, sturdy and durable, and the cost-efficiency of these cups do not differentiate to the features and usability of them when comparing to our ‘higher priced’ cups in our range. These cups are a beautiful natural matte black in colour, giving you the edge and ability to have these cups strive in any café environment. The cups are also accompanied by Black and White Lids, with 2 lids fitting all 3 sizes.


The Budget Cups are the prefect alternative for those who are seeking reliable, cost-efficient packaging. When comparing to our SW range, these budget cups are reduced enormously. To top it all off, we also offer a budget alternative in our ‘SW Ripple Cup Range’.


So, weather you’re looking for a budget alternative packaging, or reliable, clean and simple stylish coffee cups, get your hands on these before anyone else.


  • CCB8 - 8oz Black Corrugated Cup (Ripple)
  • CCB12 - 12oz Black Corrugated Cup (Ripple)
  • CCB16 - 16oz Black Corrugated Cup (Ripple)
  • BSW8 - 8oz Black SW Cup
  • BSW12 - 12oz Black SW Cup
  • BSW16 - 16oz Black SW Cup
  • PS8W - 8oz PS Spout Lid / White
  • PS1216W - 12/16oz PS Spout Lid / White
  • PS8B - PS Spout Lid / Black
  • PS1216B - 12/16oz PS Spout Lid / Black