When you think of reliable packaging, would you have ever thought that a company could guarantee that each package is carefully individually handcrafted, from the time it is sourced to the finished product? Well, think again as our newly in ‘Bamboo Steamers’ accompanies all of the above.



Steamed food derives from Asia, where it allows you to cook multiple foods at once through the stacking of these steamers. The procedure involves placing these stacked steamers above boiling water which generates the steam, so that the rising steam passes upwards through the slots of the steamer trays – essentially cooking the food within the steamer.

The lid that encloses the steamers also has small microfibre slots in them to allow steam to evaporate through it, so the condensation doesn’t accumulate in the top of the tray causing the food to become wet or essentially ‘boiled’ during the process.

All the steamers we carry are carefully individually handcrafted, and being sourced and made from bamboo, it makes them both biodegradable and compostable. These steamers are very popular when cooking vegetables, fish, meat, dumplings, or essentially anything that completes a full meal.

The steamers are so unique that they are also multi-use – meaning you will get more than one use out of these. Getting more than one use out of these, and being available in various different sizes guarantees you that you will find the perfect size to fit all food needs for a longer duration of time.

Follow the product links below for more information on pricing, sizing and how you can get your hands on these beautiful unique packages.

  • SB6 - Bamboo Steamer Base 6”
  • SB7 - Bamboo Steamer Base 7”
  • SB8 - Bamboo Steamer Base 8”
  • SB9 - Bamboo Steamer Base 9”
  • SB10 - Bamboo Steamer Base 10”
  • SL6 - Bamboo Steamer Lid 6”
  • SL7 - Bamboo Steamer Lid 7”
  • SL8 - Bamboo Steamer Lid 8”
  • SL9 - Bamboo Steamer Lid 9”
  • SL10 - Bamboo Steamer Lid 10”