Greenmark’s transparent PET lids are durable plastic, recyclable, food safe lids that are made to fit all different shaped and sized packages within our range. PET has an exceptional ‘capacity-to-weight-ratio’ enabling more product being put in less packaging – presenting the chance to save money. During production, PET has a far more favourable environmental impact during production in comparison to other plastics and glass; overall making it not only beneficial for the environment, but also your business.


All PET lids are interdependent on bowls or containers – as there would be no use for a lid without a container to conceal. Fondly enough, according to Forbes, ‘eating out of a bowl is in the TOP 5 FOOD TRENDS IN 2017’. Thus meaning, our new PET lids range has arrived just in time for you to turn your favourite sit down meals into a ‘takeaway’ meal.


With Instagram continuously on the rise, the trend of uploading your meal with a #hashtag has been a continuous trend since the application was brought out. Bowls have been found to be a massive trend in 2017 due to the ‘photogenic’ potential it has compared to plates. The transparency of our PET lids allows all bowls to still have that ‘photogenic feel’ as you are able to showcase off your meal whilst still being concealed, making all photo’s worthy for that Instagram upload EVEN with a lid.


With a wide range of dome lids fitting sizes ranging from 8-24oz bowls, it provides assurance that Greenmark can guarantee to have a bowl for all food needs with a recyclable transparent lid to accompany each bowl to showcase your meal as if there isn’t even a lid on top.

Stay posted to be kept up to date with all other interesting trends within the Australian Food Industry.