With the demand of our highly commended ‘corrugated' range dramatically increasing; it causes the price of these products to slowly increase also. Therefore, we are happy to announce the arrival of our budget alternative: takeaway cardboard trays and boxes.

These takeaway cardboard trays and boxes are perfect for the upcoming summer. With various sizes available in both the trays and boxes, it enables you to fit and package all your summer favourites. Burgers, skewers, fish and chips, scallops and seafood mixes just to name a few; are amongst the shortlist for various summer favourites foods that these trays and boxes have been designed for.

The cardboard is eco-friendly as it is both recyclable and compostable. The packaging is effective and efficient as the boxes come flat; enabling more of the product to fit per carton whilst the trays fit within one another. Whilst being a much cheaper alternative to similar corrugated products found on the market, these trays and boxes give both a competitive edge and versatile edge with their unique and fresh brown kraft colour on the outside and white colour on the inside.

With these arriving at warehouses across Australia just recently, be sure to secure yours.


  • SBJ – Snack Box Junior
  • SBS – Snack Box Small
  • SBM – Snack Box Medium
  • SBL – Snack Box Large
  • SBF – Snack Box Family
  • BT5 – Extra Large Brown Cardboard Tray
  • BT4 – Large Brown Cardboard Tray
  • BT3 – Medium Brown Cardboard Tray
  • BTHD – Hot Dog Brown Cardboard Tray
  • BT2 – Small Brown Cardboard Tray
  • BT1 – Extra Small Brown Cardboard Tray
  • BTMINI – Mini Brown Cardboard Tray