The heat continues to turn up and rise and will not be slowing down anytime soon this Australian summer – so what’s better than BIGGER and BETTER PET Bowls to help show off your summer vibe.

Our PET bowls are much bigger and stronger than our portion PET cups/containers – meaning you can fit even more of those fresh summer fruits, salads, yogurts and acai/fruit bowls in your bowl. The transparency enables the beauty of the colors and textures of your foods to be seen before even opening the lid.

Even though these beautiful bowls are much larger than our portion cups and containers, it is still highly energy efficient due to the exceptional capacity-to-weight ratio that PET has – meaning you can fit more products in minimal packaging which gives you a higher volume of products per carton; as well as save you money on fuel costs during transportation.

PET can simply be put into a plastic waste stream to be recycled which makes it far more environmentally favourable in comparison to PP products making these bowls low-cost, both financially and environmentally.

NOTE: For cold food use only.

  • CB16 – Clear PET Bowl 16oz (500mL)
  • CB24 – Clear PET Bowl 24oz (750mL)
  • CB32 – Clear PET Bowl 32oz (1000mL)
  • CB16L – Lid-Clear PET Bowl 16oz
  • CB24L – Lid-Clear PET Bowl 24oz
  • CB32L - Lid-Clear PET Bowl 32oz