Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is the idea that we are doing our part to build the kind of world that we want to live in, and one that we want our children to inherit. Right now, more than any other time in our history, there is sufficient evidence that we as human beings are living unsustainably, and that the earth’s natural resources essential for life, are being depleted at an unprecedented rate. The importance of maintaining sustainability goes without saying. Therefore it is everyone’s job to make the necessary plans and take the necessary actions to protect the earth’s precious resources for ourselves and for the future generations to come.

Know your options; here at Pactrading we encourage you to embrace green packaging as a sustainable alternative to oil-based plastics in the food service sector. Switching to Greenmark tableware reduces the use of non-renewable resources, and will enable a shift in the way waste is managed. We provide school canteens, event organisers, universities, distributors, governmental agencies, not for profits, foodservice operators with the excellent biodegradable food service products at economically sensible prices – so don’t hesitate to join the list!
For the custom print packaging, we will advise you to choose sustainable materials where possible without compromising functionality and branding.

Key benefits of using GreenMark tableware

GreenMark tableware not only utilizes annually renewable plant fibers such as sugarcane and corn, but also reduces the general waste stream. Bagasse is in itself an agricultural waste, it is represented as 100% recycled material.

The manufacturing process of our products uses less energy and emits less pollution than petroleum based products. It also generates fewer greenhouse gases and contains no toxins.

Product quality. Stackable containers are strong and durable. Leak and oil proof. Microwavable (warm up only). Refrigerator safe. ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified.

The last phase and key benefit of using biodegradable products is that they are made to be fully compostable as opposed to being recycled. Our products are made to decompose in a commercial composting facility within 60-90 days. Suitable for home composting. Complies with ASTM D6868 and EN13432 reports for compostability.

No need to separate food waste stream – GreenMark compostable tableware can be disposed together with the food scraps to compost. Commercial composting option is not widely available in Australia, however statistics for home and community composting is encouraging, particularly in Victoria where 66% households use home composting.

Reduced waste management bill – if you use composting on site you can significantly lower the amount of waste generated (food organics make 40-50% of waste stream).

Water is a precious resource, especially in Australia. Traditional reusable tableware requires washing after each use – which exhausts water, chemicals and other resources. GreenMark provides foodservice operators with an attractive one-use tableware solution which effectively eliminates the need for ware washing. Countless litres of water can now be saved with one simple step.


All our products comply with ASTM D6868 and EN13432 reports for compostability and are ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified.


We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

– Native American Proverb